At Prairie Fresh, we have a connected food system.

Our Responsibility


As an American-owned pork producer, we strive to leave our land in better shape than we found it. So we’re committed to sustainable practices on the farms and in our plants.


It’s our moral obligation to create a healthy, comfortable environment for each and every one of our pigs.
Porkabilities Lockup

Our way of doing pork is unique. We control the farms, the facilities and the production. That’s our commitment to our customers. That means proven, unmatched quality in a range of products that you will love. That same level of commitment extends to how we care for our animals and the land. Join us on the Prairie Fresh Way and imagine all the porkabilities®.

Serving up Delicious Pork

PF USA Prime Bone In Chop


At Prairie Fresh, we control the farms and manage the entire process to guarantee tender, delicious pork – every time. Our connected food system delivers fresh, wholesome pork products that cater to any lifestyle.


We offer fresh, healthy products perfect for any dinner table, including all-natural pork and tender cuts with signature flavors.

At Prairie Fresh, we know pork can take on any flavor you throw at it, and we take that to the next level with innovative flavors from our kitchen. Pork is more than an alternative to chicken and beef – it’s a meal hero all its own. And as a lean source of protein, pork is a healthy option you can be confident serving to your family throughout the week.

PF USA Prime Bone In Chop