Injecting Pork

Injecting pork adds flavor throughout the meat and helps to retain moisture during the cooking process, especially for larger pork cuts like the pork shoulder butt.

How to Inject Pork

Inject the pork before you season the outside to prevent your herbs and spices from running off.

Before injecting, place the pork on a baking sheet to avoid making a mess. Insert the needle all the way into the pork and slowly pull it out while pushing the liquid into the meat. Repeat this several times, using approximately one cup of injection per pork butt.

It’s normal for some of the injection liquid to come out of the pork during this process, so don’t worry if this happens.

Use injection flavors that complement your meal. Apple juice and basic additions, like salt and sugar, are good for barbecue and shouldn’t compete with the seasonings you use on the outside of the meat.

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