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Fresh Perspectives: This premium pork line helps retailers capitalize on consumer trends

August 23, 2023

It’s clear that U.S. consumers have a growing demand for meat products and are approaching the meat case differently than they have in the past. According to The Power of Meat 2023 report, consumers continue to seek high-quality products and, in fact, 57% of consumers said meat quality and appearance were top reasons for choosing where they purchase meat products.1

With shoppers being more mindful and observant about where their food is sourced from and how it’s grown and raised, retailers are constantly in search of trending premium products and reliable partners to work with to meet evolving consumer tastes.

That’s why Prairie Fresh® recently introduced Prairie Fresh USA Prime®, a one-of-a-kind premium pork line that is setting a new standard in the meat case and meeting consumer demand for restaurant-quality meals at home.

Raising the standard

Prairie Fresh USA Prime is as close as the brand has come to pork perfection. It’s the top tier of all Prairie Fresh pork based on marbling, color and tenderness. Prairie Fresh USA Prime undergoes a three-criteria evaluation process that uses industry-leading proprietary technology to measure quality attributes and sort top-tier cuts for a higher level of consistency that results in restaurant-quality right at home.

“Prairie Fresh USA Prime is exactly as billed; each cut delivers a rich, tender flavor. When your customers start a dish with Prairie Fresh USA Prime, they will end up somewhere special,” said Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois.

Prairie Fresh USA Prime helps retailers not only meet consumer demands but also educate their customers by including four compelling descriptors on fresh product packaging: USDA Process Verified for animal handling and meat quality, 100% All Natural, American Owned Farms, and Superior Tenderness.2 These designations give meat buyers confidence in knowing they’re selecting a top-notch product. Prairie Fresh research showed that consumers rated each of these claims as “Very to Extremely Important” in driving purchase interest.3

The difference of a connected food system

These claims on product packaging can be made due to the proprietary production process of Prairie Fresh that enables the brand to maintain quality standards. This unique approach and perspective on pork production, the Prairie Fresh Way, begins with a connected food system where collaboration with farmers, processing plants and networked supply chain colleagues allows Prairie Fresh to control each step in the production process from farm to delivery, making this level of quality pork possible.

The Prairie Fresh Way also extends to the service and partnership given to each Prairie Fresh customer. “Our deep meat knowledge, marketing support and data-driven consumer insights are the foundation to our partnership, said Pat Watkins, vice president, retail sales, Seaboard Foods, producers of Prairie Fresh. “We know that keeping your shelves stocked with quality pork is how you keep your shoppers happy. And that’s what we’re here to help you do.”

Prairie Fresh USA Prime is available in fresh pork cuts desired by consumers and cooking enthusiasts: tenderloins, boneless loins, loin backribs, spareribs and shoulder butts.

To learn more about how Prairie Fresh USA Prime can bring consumers to your meat case, visit prairiefreshway.com.

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3 Prairie Fresh/Prairie Fresh USA Prime Audience Profiling Study, February 2020.

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David Eaheart, APR