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Fresh Perspectives: Connected food system brings consistent quality to meat case

April 24, 2023

As retailers monitor trends impacting meat case sales, one thing is clear: consumers continue to demand restaurant-quality meat they feel good about serving to their families.

Prairie Fresh® brings a distinct approach to pork production that helps keep meat cases full and consumers satisfied. The Prairie Fresh Way is a way of doing business that supports collaboration with our farmers, processing plants and networked supply chain colleagues to control critical points in the production process from farm to delivery

As a result, retail buyers get a reliable supply of high-quality pork products that generate optimal meat case sales to discerning retail customers.

“The Prairie Fresh Way is our unique perspective on how pork should be raised and produced that’s allowed us to deliver consistent quality for decades,” said Ozlem Worpel, vice president, marketing and innovation, Seaboard Foods. “We are shining a light on our approach to help meat buyers understand what’s behind the Prairie Fresh brand and how it will help their businesses.”

Healthier pigs, happier consumers

The Prairie Fresh Way begins with a commitment to health and well-being, both to their pigs and the communities they serve. Animal welfare is critical because healthy animals produce nutritious pork that feeds and nurtures people in homes across the country. The commitment to enhance well-being also extends to the environment and local communities, where Prairie Fresh gives back through outreach programs to help people thrive. It’s a better way of doing business, from hoofs to homes.

“The connected food system begins before the pigs are even conceived,” said Dr. Ian Levis, DVM, Seaboard Foods. “The standards that Prairie Fresh has set guide us in every step from conception to our specially formulated nutritional programs, animal practices, biosecurity, and more. Prairie Fresh owns the plants which means we have better tracing capabilities and can gain insights to ensure the end product is safe, wholesome and nutritious from our American-owned farms to your families.”

The Prairie Fresh Way prioritizes individual care for each animal to promote pig health. Animal care protocols go beyond industry standards and a comprehensive animal care program is overseen by a team of leading veterinarians. Oversight at every production point provides a higher standard of consistency for meat buyers and consumers.

“Being the connected system that we are, we have quality assurance technicians on each line to check that the product is being made to the specifications of the customer,” said KayLonni Bradley, director of FSQA, Seaboard Foods. “By controlling on-farms operations, we can also adhere to what the absolute best practices are for our buyers and give them confidence in knowing where their pork comes from, how it was produced, and who produced it.”

Consistent quality from meat case to plate

Ultimately, the Prairie Fresh Way translates to proven and measurable quality that assures a reliable product with consistent color, quality, yield and the right blend of meat attributes. This quality is available across Prairie Fresh product lines, which provide consumers more choice at the meat case.

Prairie Fresh USA Prime® is a line of premium pork that sets a new standard for high-quality pork. This line represents the very best of Prairie Fresh production — based on marbling, color and tenderness — and meets consumer demand for restaurant-quality meal experiences at home. Prairie Fresh Signature offers a wide range of pre-seasoned cuts for no-hassle meals, and Prairie Fresh Cook In Bag products take that convenience even further with shorter cook times and easier clean-up. Prairie Fresh Natural pork offers minimally processed cuts that contain no artificial ingredients, providing consumers a healthy and nutritious protein option from pigs born and raised on U.S. farms.

By partnering with Prairie Fresh and tapping into the Prairie Fresh Way, meat buyers get consistent, quality meat as well as deep knowledge and marketing support to help drive retail sales and increase revenue.

“Through our connected food system, we’ve connected the dots from our farms to our communities,” Worpel said. “Thanks to the support of our loyal meat buyers and consumers, we’ve grown to where we are today, and it’s our desire to live up to our reputation of having quality products that drives us every day.”

To learn more, visit prairiefreshway.com.


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David Eaheart, APR